The Thrill of Sleeping in Rooftop Tents in Uganda

Rooftop Tent Hire in Africa

Originally tourist used to travel to different destination sleeping in accommodation facilities like well-established lodges and hotels. But as the world become more modern, new ways of exploring different destinations in the world came in. Some of the ways are Car rental trip and then camping trips which may involve renting a car with rooftop tent or renting a car with ground Tent.

Camping safaris does not matter whether a visitor Rent with a driver or self-driving in Uganda. It is fun to explore on your own. Furthermore, whether it is a solo traveler, couple, family, Honeymooners, friends among others, Car rental trips are possible with rooftop tents or ground tents.

Some of the Destinations which can be visited on Car rental trip with Rooftop tent.

Bwindi National Park: It is awesome to hear that even those on car hires with rooftop tents can also visit and experience the life time experience, tracking mountain Gorillas. This is very possible. Some other activities in the park can also be done like the nature walks, and birding.

Points to note;

-Make sure to book in advance for the gorilla permit as it is subject to availability

-The car rental company can book and reserve for you the gorilla permit. But it involves sending money for the permit prior

-Self-drive clients are advised to carry their permits and receipts to the park headquarters for verification

-The activity starts in the morning with the briefing at the park headquarter. So, car rental visitors are advised to come early morning at the starting point.

-Visitors on car rental trips are advised to carry their payment receipts for verification at the park headquarters.

Kibale National Park

It is known to be home to many primates, over 13 species of recorded primates are found here. The major activity and attraction in this park is tracking one of the great primates, the chimpanzees. Visitors on camping safaris with rooftop tents can also do this activity. Chimpanzees are close relatives of humans and it’s a great opportunity to stand face to face with our close relative.

-Booking in advance is also paramount as the permits are subject to availability.

-Visitors on car rental trips are advised to carry their payment receipts for verification at the park headquarters

-The activity can be done in the morning and in the afternoon, so car rental visitors can book either session.

-The car rental company can book the chimpanzee permits for the visitors

Murchison falls National Park

The park is very known and full of many attractions, visitors sleeping on rooftop tent cars can visit this park. Game drives to view wildlife in this park can be done in the morning or in the evening. Some of the wild animals which can be sighted here include Lions, leopards, elephants, Giraffes, Antelopes and many more.

There are so many other activities which can be enjoyed by clients on car hire, like Boat cruise to the bottom of the falls, Visiting the top of the falls, Community encounters, spot fishing and many more.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

This park is strategically located in western Uganda, many car rental clients visit this park to see wildlife, tree climbing lions as they also head to other neighboring destinations like Bwindi National Park, Kibale and many more.

The park has many attractions and activities to offer to self-drive clients with rooftop tents or camping safaris. Besides enjoying the abundancy of wildlife in their nature environment, visitors can do a boat cruise on kazinga channel and feel the cool whether plus enjoying other wildlife coming to take water. The park has a section called Kyambura gorge which is so beautiful and sightings of some primates like chimpanzees are expected.

Lake Mburo National Park

This is located near Mbarara it is among the park which are found near Kampala. It is suitable for weekend gateways, public holiday vacations, short leaves. It is fun renting a car with rooftop tent and then camp in this park to enjoy many wonders. The park has many tourism activities like Game drives, (Morning, Day and night game drives) Nature walks, Horse riding, birding, boat cruise, bicycle riding and many.


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