Things to Know Before Traveling to South East Asia

South East Asia

South East Asia is the place to go when you opt for relaxation and leisure. With thousands of activities for you to do and thousands more places to just sprawl under the sun or gaze at the stars at, this part of the continent is perhaps one of the most preserved and perfect for traveling. Also with different culture, history and traditions, you will never get tired of roaming around from town to town, country to country and find something different on every path. Good reviews are also available everywhere if you are still in doubt. This is the reason why millions of tourist and travelers enter the region every year and tourism is one of the major economic driving forces on the continent.

11 countries make up South East Asia: Cambodia, Brunei, East Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. These countries and their capitals are each known for their uniqueness.

Before traveling though, Sinclair James International Travel and Tours, with a few years of experience in South East Asian culture and a sturdy group of travelers themselves from Australia, have some pointers to point out regarding the region.

1. Beware of Pickpockets

Although South East Asia is rich with resources, some fraudulent activities still exist in many of its streets. The most notorious is in Manila and Jakarta is pickpockets who are more likely to target foreigners or westerners who might appear to have far more dollars to spare. Tourists also have complaints on being scammed by cab drivers and special transportation people. One of the most famous is the tuk tuk scheme in Bangkok which can drive you around in circles around the city and ask for an excessive fee.

2. Remember your hygiene

Traveling can be a little uncomfortable to those are not used to it. Hygiene may be forgotten without all the necessary things out of reach and a lot of uncertain hygiene materials everywhere. No worries. South East Asia has a lot of clean places even in its crowded cities. Bottled water is also inexpensive but it is advisable to bring your own sanitary tools with you. Make sure that your stomach can handle all the unique varieties of raw food before divulging. Don’t be afraid to ask. You’ll never know if you are already eating cooked crickets or cockroaches.

3. Pack Light

You don’t need a lot of luggage when you are in South East Asia. Almost everything is available and comes at an inexpensive price. When you are traveling, the last thing you want is to carry a lot of bags around you and pay costly baggage fees.

4. Best Time To Visit South East Asia

January to March and June to September. Malaysia straddles the equator, so it’s hot and humid year-round, but these months have the lowest average rainfall.