Tips For First Time Road Trippers To Uganda

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Uganda –the Pearl of Africa is one of the unusual destinations that guarantee holidaymakers an epic road trip. Uganda is an ideal destination for self-drive tours and even if it is your first time here, it is possible to navigate to any part of the country. Self drive Uganda tours offer freedom for you to explore and experience the country’s wonders to the fullest. To allow you enjoy a remarkable road trip, first, consider checking out our amazing tips below;

Start with basics

Before embarking on your epic road trip in Uganda, first things first. Cross-check if the tires are well pumped to the recommended pressure and find out if there are spare tyres or one. The water levels shouldn’t be left out and so is the oil level. The car lights must all be functional and you can do this assessment days before the actual visit to your self-drive safari destination. This gives room to the company to fix certain things where needed.

Know the route

You can have an epic self drive road trip if you are familiar with the routes to your destination. Do adequate research about the destinations you wish to travel to in Uganda and where you aren’t familiar with the routes, ensure that you make the best use of Google Maps, or inquire from locals they are friendly and willing to help all the time. You may also have a printed map and directions which can save you where the network may not work for you to have access to Google Maps, especially the remotest parts of Uganda.

Avoid driving at night

Driving at night comes with several risks. At all costs, ensure that you avoid night driving regardless of the destination. Not only can this save you from getting lost but it also protects you from any potential of falling in the hands of robbers. When attacked in the night, no one can be of help to you like it is daytime. Ugandan roads do not have lights so it is always so dark that you can bearly see in some parts of the country. So for matters of your life and safety, most of the car rental Uganda company’s cars stop operation at 7pm unless otherwise. This benefits either way, as there is safety for the car and the clients. The other reason as to why car rental companies do not allow you to drive at night is that, it is so difficult to get help in case of an accident or if the car breaks down and you need mechanical help.


Most safari destinations in Uganda are found far away from the heart of Kampala the capital. This is especially for visitors intending to go gorilla trekking or wildlife safaris in the parks. Know how many kilometers you will drive from the city centre to your destination and also the ideal ride to get you there.

Take note that Uganda’s landscape does vary depending on the region. In far Southwestern Uganda where premier gorilla parks –Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga are found, the region is hilly and the best way to get around there is using a 4×4 safari vehicle and is also for game reserves.

Do not drive when you are tired

Embarking on the road trip when you are tired can be risky. Once you feel you are tired, consider parking somewhere to have some rest.

Avoid all kinds of distractors

When driving, the focus should be getting to the destination first. Anything that can distract your attention must be left out for instance phone calls, drinking while driving, and more. Roads in Uganda are narrow and they are used by Pedestrians, cyclists, cars, and animals, so you have to be focused and your eyes always on the road.

Know when to travel

Uganda enjoys the best weather and climatic conditions thanks to its tropical like climatic conditions. Once you think of a self-drive tour, the dry season must be considered on your travel calendar for you to have a successful road trip. Avoid traveling during the wet season when heavy rains are recorded in most parts of the country and the routes turn muddy or slippery.

Border crossing

Do not consider crossing the borders using a rental car if you haven’t inquired from your Uganda car hire company. Border crossings come with some charges and paperwork, a reason you must communicate early to your company that you plan to deal with.

Emergency number

Before you hit the road to any part of Uganda, first, consider having the contact of the car hire company reservationist and also other emergency contacts. It is such contacts that you can reach out to in case of emergency issues.

Observe road traffic regulations

Uganda like any country has its regulations to be followed while driving on its roads. The key road traffic rules include driving within the set speed limits, not driving when drinking or when drunk, not using the phone when driving, and others.

Respect the park regulations

When navigating through Uganda’s wildlife parks, consider observing the stipulated regulations a must-do. Respect wildlife, drive at the stated speed, if not familiar with driving through the park, consider having driver guide on the ground, and more.


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