Tips For Lost Passport Abroad

Lost Passport

Picture that before traveling abroad, you were certain to check that you have all the crucial Travel documents (including a passport). However, just shortly after arriving to your safari destination, you are met with the most unpleasant surprise: “your passport appears to have disappeared”. What would you do? This is inevitable and in a split second, and can cause problems big time. If it happens, what do you do?

Many travellers don’t experience any trouble whilst on Uganda safaris, but it is worth understanding the important tips on what to do if you lose your passport abroad. Losing something as important as a passport while abroad can be a stressful experience, but it is advisable to remain calm. Therefore, here are the few tips on how to go about it;

Report your lost or stolen passport at the local Police Station

The first and most important tip is to get a police report on your lost or stolen passport. To be on a safer side, it is best to do it immediately and certainly within a day if possible. This report is crucial when with or without money as well as identification while abroad. It is important to show your police report while applying for your emergency passport.

Do you know the importance of reporting to Police? Well, this will protect you in case of misuse of your passport, and therefore you should be able to describe the circumstances of the loss on the police report.

Report the loss of your passport at the nearest Embassy/Consulate

Besides the Police, you should also report the loss or theft of your passport at the nearest Consulate/Embassy of your country of Citizenship. Make sure to explain your situation to them, present the Police report and in so doing, your details can be traced on their system. Citizens of certain countries (such as British Nationals) will be required to pay for an Emergency passport. Interestingly, you can purchase a new one at this stage if you have enough money on you. However, this shouldn’t worry you because the Consulate/Embassy can issue a stamped confirmation of your passport details. Citizens of other countries like Canada and Australia can report loss of passport online. If you have copies or scans of your passport, make sure to enclose them in your report.

While at the Embassy, staff should also be able to provide you advice on legal representation, if required. It is also important to note that the Consulate/or Embassy documentation will provide support for your travel insurance claim.

Work on replacing your lost passport

We understand that requesting for a new passport will take time, so as to return back home. However, you will at least be guaranteed of an emergency passport instead of the regular passport. Remember that this emergency travel document will be valid for a limited period and normally for a special journey.

How to keep your passport (or any other travel documents) safe while traveling

There are a number of easy but important precautions that any traveler can take to avoid or minimize the outcome of passport loss abroad and they include;

  • Always photocopy and scan (three to four photos) of all your travel documents- passport, National ID Card, certificate of Insurance, flight e-tickets and others prior of traveling. You will definitely need them when you lose or have your passport stolen abroad and need replacement.
  • Send the photocopies and scanned copies of your travel documents to your email address, and can be printed when required.
  • Safely keep a copy of all your travel documents with you. After photocopying and scanning, and sending copies to your email address, make sure to keep some copies with you.
  • Avoid carrying original travel documents wherever you go but instead keep in the Hotel/Safari Lodge room. Only take the originals when you need them.

Conclusively, losing a passport while abroad is a major inconvenience but knowing what to do and taking the required procedures can go a long way in getting back on track fast and safely. Following tips for recovering lost passport abroad is a reactive measure but the tips for keeping your passport and staying vigilant is a proactive decision to ensure your safari experience is stress-free, enjoyable and unforgettable.