Journeying Uganda with a Rooftop Tent Car

Rooftop Tent Hire

Renting a car or hiring a car in Uganda with rooftop tent has become common. Visitors decide to sleep on top of their rented cars to feel a little different from the normal way of sleeping in lodges or hotels.  There are many reasons why many visitors chose such option, beside reducing on the costs of accommodation, it is unique way of exploring Uganda. Moreover, it increases on the bonding with the traveling partner as they all engage in mounting the tent and also cooking all together.

Types of Rooftop Tents in Uganda

There are many types of rooftop tent in Uganda and with different capacities;

Double rooftop tent. This tent can accommodate two people. The mattress is big enough for two people. This is commonly chosen by couple, friends, and many others. Cars which can accommodate double rooftop tent include 4×4 Land cruiser v8, 4×4 land cruiser Prado, 4×4 land cruiser GX, 4×4 land cruiser LX and many others.

Family rooftop tents. These are quite bigger compared to other tents; they can accommodate 3 people or more. It can fit family visitors, friends, and many more.

Cars with 2 roof top tents. These are 2 rooftop tents on top of one car. It can accommodate 4 people or more depending. Cars which can fit 2 roof top tents include, 4×4 land cruiser v8, 4×4 land cruiser GX, 4×4 land cruiser LX and many more.

What is included in the camping equipment

Renting a car with rooftop tent mostly comes with other camping equipment. Some of them are here below.

– Mattresses. The mattresses are big to accommodate the number of people in the group.

– Chairs. The chairs given depend on the number of visitors. They help visitors to sit while cooking, taking relaxing drinks, sun downers and many more.

– Table. These also depend on the number of people, if the people are many, more than 1 table will be offered.

– Gas cylinder. This comes with gas and banner to allow visitors to prepare food and other eats.

– Cooking utensils. This comes with a bucket, source pans, plates, cups, Spoons, forks, knives, frying pans, dishes, and many more.

– Barbeque roaster. This helps visitors to roast something like bread etc.

– Cooler box/ fridge. Electric ones are offered at extra fee well as the non-electric ones comes at no extra cost.

Destinations which can be visited with rooftop tent in Uganda

Almost most of the destinations in Uganda can be visited with rooftop tent car. There are designated camping sites and lodges with camping grounds where visitors can park the car with rooftop tent to sleep.

In western Uganda, destinations like Bwindi, kibale, queen Elizabeth, lake Mburo, semliki national parks, lake Bunyonyi and many more can be visited with rooftop tent car.

In Northern Uganda, destinations like Murchison falls, kidepo valley, Moroto, pain upe and others can be visited with rooftop tent car.

In Western Uganda, Mt Elgon, Sipi falls, jinja, and many others, it is possible to visit such places with rooftop tent car.

Camping ground have facilities like shared toilets and bathrooms, where to cook from, security, water and etc. Visitors are advised not to camp in the bush, in the national parks or protected areas, safer places are recommended for camping safaris.

Best time to rent a rooftop tent car

The best time to rent a rooftop tent car in dry season. Those are months of June, July, August, September, October, December, January, And February. This is the period when rain is little and the grass in the national parks are short allowing good view of wildlife. Moreover, animals tend to flock to places with water in the protected areas  which increases more chance to spot more animals.

Also in other months, it is possible to rent a car with rooftop tents. Destinations are visited all year round but you will have to prepare enough warm clothes due to unpredicted weather conditions.

Example Lodges with camping ground in some destinations in Uganda

Gorilla Mist camp, Kibale Forest camp, Murchsion River lodge, Ruboni Community camp, Bunyonyi Over land, Rushaga gorilla camp Fort Murchison, Bush lodge, and many more.


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