Why Should i Hire a Car with a Driver in Uganda?

Driver Hire in Uganda

Hiring a car with a driver comes with enormous benefits. Professional driver services are essential when it comes to road trips in Uganda or any destination. Professional drivers can take you to your destination without you worrying about getting lost along the way.

Professional drivers are knowledgeable about the shortcuts to your destinations and also how to cut off the traffic thus enabling you to get there on time. Renting a car with a driver in Uganda is the best option that guarantees you a safe and secure road trip. Here are the main reasons why you should hire a car with a driver.

Knowledge about the destination

Having a professional driver take you on your road trip guarantees you exceptional experience. Drivers come with a wealth of knowledge not only for the routes or on how to address mechanical issues but also where you plan to visit for a holiday. You may rely on internet but drivers come with informed point of view. They have traveled and explored most of these destinations and appreciated what they offer.

Getting there becomes easier when you are with a professional driver. He or she will take enriching routes to your destination. They know where and when to make a stopover, the best restaurants to have a meal or drink from, the ideal hotel or safari lodge where you will spend a night from.


Obtaining Uganda car hire with a tour guide or driver is a perfect way to go about a safari in Uganda or Rwanda. Choosing tour driver services means you will be guaranteed of professional service provision. The driver assigned to take visitors on a road trip are well-trained, experienced with vast visitor handling skills. Beyond visitor handling skills and experiences, professional drivers come with vast knowledge about destinations as well as basic handling skills in case of mechanical issues.

Travel stress free

Traveling in a new destination can be stressing and frustrating, but hiring a driver can your savior. The local/ground drivers know how to maneuver through traffic or when the routes are closed. Rent a car plus driver services and enjoy a road trip full of freedom. Deal away with stress by securing your rental car and the driver services.


The fact is the drivers are familiar with the kind of routes leading to the tourist sites you intend to visit. They have travelled through these routes multiple times. The beauty about professional drivers is that they are observant on the health and safety policies or measures.

While driving, they are mindful of other road users. As a result, you the client and the others are all safeguarded as you get around your destination. Laws or regulations are observed and interestingly, they have used the routes severely meaning they are better informed than if you drove for the first time on the same route.

Additionally, all tour company drivers undergo intense driver training as compared to the rest of the other road users. If you plan to visit Uganda anytime for a holiday, we recommend that you always consider hiring a car with a professional driver from the tour company. Safari or tour companies have evidence of their drivers undergoing further training which increases your safety levels on your road trip.

Language barrier

Traveling first time in the destination can be challenging, especially where you want to interact or inquire about something and people aren’t understanding English. It should be noted that while English is an official language, not everyone can speak it. This is especially in the remotest areas.

Having a driver take you on your safari is of great advantage as he or she understands the local language. He can serve as an interpreter to you thus making your interaction easier with the local people in their communities. Even while you walk in the community, you have some confidence or if you want to make local transactions, you won’t be exploited.

Mechanical knowledge

Anything can happen on a road trip and can be a puncture of the car tyre. At this point, replacement or need to change will be the only option. With driver available, you won’t get stranded as he or she can take the role of the mechanic.

The advantage about drivers is that they have basic mechanic skills as it is a special requirement of any professional tour company driver. Not only can this save you much time, but also you won’t be conned by mechanics who often tend to raise fake mechanical issues.

Time management

Time management is essential when it comes to safaris. Professional tour company drivers are always cautious of time. They keep time in that during pick up, they can be available as guided by your travel itinerary. En-route to your destination, there is no room to waste much time taking a wrong route.

Roads and signage

Navigating through the main roads is easier with drivers as they are aware of the signage. When you off the main road where conditions are poor, they know how to go about it unlike if you are the one driving for the first time. The road condition can become worse when it rains, a reason you need the professional tour company driver.

Saves you from liability

Having driver services can save you from incurring cost on any damages. The company takes responsibility since the vehicle is handled by their drivers.

Freedom to enjoy

You get relieved from so many things and only concentrate on exploring what your destination has to offer the world. You and your colleagues sit back and enjoy your road trip free of stress. All the attention is put on matters of your road trip unlike when you are on a self-drive where it can divided.

Game viewing

Game drives or game viewing is best enjoyed with company of an experienced driver guide. Having a driver on a game viewing tour allows you explore enriching spots with abundant wildlife. Drivers know the best game tracks to explore that guarantee visitors a thrilling wildlife encounters.

In conclusion, hire a car with a driver and enjoy ultimate freedom on your road trip in Uganda. Professional driver services come with enormous benefits including safety on the road, problem-solving, time management and others.


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