Rwanda Safari – Meet the Great Apes of Africa

Rwanda Gorilla Family

Whoever comes to Rwanda for gorilla tracking holidays agrees that the adventure isn’t just surprising but worthy its cost. Standing in a close distance with the gorillas is one of the most amazing moments for every gorilla tracker leaving them with exclusive memories for life. Are you soon heading out for an African safari to a country close to east Africa or near East Africa?

Primate tracking in Rwanda is one of the breaks you shouldn’t miss out while in Africa since it involves meeting new friends across the globe, walking and hiking in the beautiful natural bamboo forest and also observing Rwandan gorilla families in the wild in the company of the park ranger guides who ensure that safety of every visitor as well as implementing the conservation rules and regulations of the mountain gorillas. Experienced ranger guides are assigned to different groups of trackers and all keep in touch with those who know exactly where the mountain gorillas spend a night a day before the trek.

However, since gorilla tracking tours take place in only three countries of east Africa, it’s by choice for one to track gorillas either in Rwanda, Uganda or Democratic Republic of Congo. The drive to the gorilla park is interesting and funny looking at people running to the road side to wave to foreign guests in the area. One can feel like a king or royalty especially in nearby communities which take long to see foreign tourists in their area. It’s good to like the people in the new areas you visit and also give them their desired respect a situation which will enable you love and cherish your stay in the foreign country by even making more interactive moments with the locals. Rwanda gorilla treks end quite early depending on the particular gorilla family which one tracks so tourists utilize the afternoon by engaging in other park activities including culture and nature walks.

There is no estimated time for Rwanda gorilla tracking tours because tourists are given a chance to request for either hard or easy gorilla families to track which results into different tracking durations but the estimated time is two to eight hours. It’s natural that gorillas are still wild animals though habituated and can’t be found in one place so the search continues for different tracking groups of tourists through the forest following the path made by the ranger guides.

Sometimes skies open up for forest showers during the trek a fantastic experience for one to meet the gorillas while wet and fresh. If your gorilla family has babies, take a close look at mother gorillas holding their babies too exciting and they care like humans. The juvenile always play around and when mamas notice that you getting closer they climb up the trees with their little’s as a way of protecting them from human. If lucky they may spend some times around on the ground as they plan for their next move. During the 1hour stay with apes in the wild, one gets a chance to see how hug the silverback gorilla is as it gallops in the trees and grass.

This experience is very common when one tracks a big family with many members .The park guides explain in detail the apes behavior and you will come to realize that the habituated gorillas are not as dangerous as the wild gorillas .Though it’s hard to convince trackers that habituated gorillas are not too harmful because they even get used to seeing humans each day. However, the thrilling adventure in Rwanda is only done when one secures a gorilla permit in time and then builds a trip around it .If permits are not available on the particular dates of your interest, visit other destinations first and switch the tracking date to a new date with availability. Start with a visit to other Rwanda national parks, Nyungwe forest, Akagera national park and also other country attractions, lake kivu, Genocide memorials, cultural villages etc.