Visiting Belek of Antalya


Belek is a small town in the Serik district that falls under the Antalya Province. It is located 30 km away from the Antalya province, and right in between Antalya and Side. Belek is one of the biggest entrants in the tourism industry and it has been created in order to attract tourists from all over the world. Its scenic beauty and quiet life are the perfect combination for those seeking some days of peace away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The best five-star and four-star Belek hotels provide the comfortable and necessary amenities to the travelers staying here.

This small town in Turkey has abundant sunshine for over 300 days of a year and it lies against the backdrop of the clean, green waters of the Mediterranean Sea making it an ideal place to visit all around the year. Belek also has been developed as a haven for those who like spending their time playing golf as it has some of the best golf course in this region. The golf fields were designed keeping in mind the European travellers, so the infrastructure and grass at the golf courses are very well maintained and of high repute. The golf courses overlook the landscapes in the neighborhood and they allow the player to soak in some of the best scenic beauty and clean air while playing their game of golf.

There are many hotels in Belek that have their own private beaches making it more comfortable for the tourists to enjoy the sun and the water in their own little beaches. There are shops by all the beaches of Belek making it an ideal place to buy some souvenirs to take back home and taste some mouth watering freshly cooked food. There is a special bazaar on every Saturday where you can buy the best at very low prices (you should know how to haggle). This small town does not have many restaurants as almost all the tourists choose to eat at their hotels. Although if you want to try out some local food you can go to the village of Kadriye that is located just 4 km from Belek. If you would like to visit a nightclub, you would have to go to the hotels as all the nightclubs are located in the hotels.

There are many other places to visit in Belek apart from the beaches and the golf courses such as the Kurşunlu Waterfall that is situated in between a huge pine forest with some fantastic beauty and it homes to over 100 species of birds. There is a cave right behind this waterfall which is an ideal place to go for a picnic while in Belek. You can also go to the Aspendos amphitheatre, which is yet another wonder of the Roman period that has the capacity of seating over 15,000 spectators. Belek is not like one of your regular beaches with too much of activity happening around it, but this small town is worth a visit if you’re looking for some quality time with your family.


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