Calgary for First Time Visitors

Calgary City Guide

Calgary is a noteworthy door to Banff and the Rocky Mountains, which are 1.5 hours’ drive toward the west.

It is a youthful, vivacious city of one million people.

Calgary also serves as the headquarters of Canada’s oil industry. In late decades the business opportunities that that industry has given have pulled in Canadians from different regions and migrants from everywhere throughout the world. This has brought about an inexorably multi-cultural society that manifests itself in an assortment of ethnic restaurants and festivals like Carifest Caribbean Festival, Afrikadey!, Expo Latino, Taste of Calgary, and others.

Calgary has a full scope of instructive, restorative, cultural, artistic, sporting and shopping offices.

Calgary maintains a friendly contention with Edmonton, Alberta’s capital city, which is three hours’ drive toward the north of Calgary. Despite the fact that Calgarians and Edmontonians like to concentrate on either little difference in the middle of Calgary and Edmonton, the two urban areas are moderately like one another as far as populace, size and general appearance.

Vancouver and Calgary frequently serve as “book closures” for trips through the Canadian Rockies. It is normal for travelers to fly into one of these urban areas and out of the other. The early summer traveler would be better off to start at the coast, which gets warm sooner than the mountains do. The autumn traveler is in an ideal situation starting in Calgary, as the coast stays warm for more than the inside does. In July and August, at the peak of summer, the direction of travel does not make a difference from a weather point of view.

Calgary infrequently serves as both entry and exit points for Montana’s Glacier National Park, particularly for travelers who join visits with Canada’s Rocky Mountain national parks. Travelers who wish to take a Canadian rental car over the US-Canada fringe might be requested to bring a written permit from the car rental organization. A significant documentation on a car rental understanding is sufficient. Obviously travelers who cross from Montana into Alberta need to bring proper travel reports and acclimate themselves with Canadian currency.

Calgary is a fun city that is justified a visit.


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