Planning a Safari to East Africa

East Africa Safari

Visit a destination where others have had great memories & you will definitely have same though sometimes it doesn’t matter where you go on vacation so long as you get what you really looking for on your travel holiday. You can discover all the four East Africa countries in a single African tour depending on your budget and interest.

Get a Successful African tour from your safari expert full of memorable moments to cherish and remember. Plan as early as possible and free your mind to enjoy your Rwanda safari just in line with your interest be it mountain climbing, game viewing, primate trekking to any of the best parks in Africa. wildlife, primates, hills, plains, green environment, weather are the main reasons as to why many chose East Africa as a place for their vacation holidays at any time of the year and countries have all options for travel.

Kenya the land of magical wildlife

Imagine viewing the Great wildlife migration in Masai Mara an activity which attracts many into the country to view the concentration of wildlife in the Masai Mara game reserve. This takes place every year from July-October though it’s very easy to spot cats during the dry season of December –February every year. Other months of the year are also good if your interest is just wildlife viewing but not to view over1.8 million Wildebeest come every year on the sand river and move to both Kenya and Tanzania making travel to these areas the talk of the day.

The Masai Mara reserve is found in south west Kenya where it neighbor Serengeti national park in Tanzania. The Scenic drive from Nairobi is 5-6 hours drive and 45 minutes by air travel. There is lots of lodge; camps of all budgets but need advance booking during the peak season. Don’t miss pink flamingoes of Lake Nakuru, elephants in Amboseli, the traditional people of Masai Mara etc.

Rwanda the land of 1000 Hills

A small rich wealth tourist country in Africa and a home to the legendary mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park. The country welcomes many year round with different reasons though the large percentage comes to Track the Mountain Gorillas.

Other tourist attractions include the

  • Lakes including kivu, Iheme, Burera etc
  • National parks such as Volcanoes National Park, Nyungwe Forest and Akagera National Park and Gishwati Mukura National Park
  • Volcanoes including Karisimbi, Bisoke, Muhabura
  • Islands
  • Genocide Memorial Sites

Rwanda can easily accessed either by road or Air transport means and if you want to do a safari tour in two countries, this is very flexible .Most trips done in Rwanda include Uganda safari adventures since it’s easy to connect between the two countries and you free to start from either sides.

Uganda the Pearl of Africa

Uganda one of the travel best destinations in Africa and the best country to connect with in the East Africa region. The country has ten national parks which are worthy visiting year round since activities are not seasonal. Best things to do on a Uganda safari include Mountain Climbing, Bungee Jumping, Gorillas & Chimpanzee tracking Bird watching, Game viewing and drives, Boat trips and other.

If you are looking for interesting attractions in different spots check out what Uganda has for you.The most visited country’s national parks include Bwindi impenetrable national park, Murchison falls, Queen Elizabeth National park, and Rwenzori national park. The parks have the finest activities which make your trip thrilling adventurous and enjoyful.In most cases every visitor to Uganda does gorilla tracking in Bwindi Forest a decade understanding which involves taking jungle forest guided tours with park rangers, photography of primates, and being awarded with a certificate. Others prefer combining it with chimpanzee Trekking where you observe exciting chimpanzees play and climb trees.

The other activities include Boat rides, Birding in Uganda an activity for watching birds in there habitat, spot fishing on the falls and lakes, Mountain hiking and climbing a challenging offer in mountain Rwenzori and Elgon,among others. Travel experts can help you make your holiday the very best and accommodation is plenty all over the country lodges, hotels, tents, camps.

Always start your trip search as early as possible for a perfect trip, check out different travel posts, tips, websites and magazines of different destinations and gather enough information about the tour package. Contact destination safari agents and guides in case of any assistance.