Last Minute Car Rental in Kenya


Last-minute car rental trips have been more popular than ever and we’re going to rely on them more than ever in the upcoming months. Just like any other form of travel, they come with many ups and downs, and here are a couple of reasons why you should give them a try.

The Benefits of Last Minute Travel with a car rental

Although this might stress some people out, I think there are a lot of benefits to rent a car for self drive in Kenya;


Planning your travels can be fun, but it’s also time-consuming. You’ll spend hours looking for cheap accommodation and transportation, reading reviews, and looking for the right option. When you’re planning your trip last-minute, you won’t end up wasting so much time second-guessing your choices.

Planning a vacation, or any kind of travel, can be very time consuming. If you don’t have much time, you can’t spend as much time planning.

You are forced to make quicker decisions and spend less time second guessing yourself. This is perfect for someone like me who often finds them self in analysis paralysis, and completely unable to make a decision. Especially with booking a place to stay, I could spend weeks (or more) going back and forth without actually making a decision.

Cheap Options

Most people book their trips in advance to save money, but it’s also possible to find many affordable last-minute offers. Hotels and tour agencies tend to dock their prices once it becomes clear they won’t be able to sell out and you’ll end up saving money on flexibility fees. 

Spontaneous Adventures

Planning your travels for months in advance is almost impossible at this point in time. Once you feel it’s safe to travel, you have to use that moment to your advantage and embark on a spontaneous adventure as soon as possible, preferably close to home.

It is Exciting deciding to go somewhere at the last minute and just doing it is exciting. It feels spontaneous. It feels liberating. It feels like you are young and carefree, even if that completely isn’t the case and I guarantee you will feel the excitement and thrill of a last minute trip.

You are living in the Moment

So many people talk about how fun it is to look forward to a trip. And how they can’t wait until their departure because it is going to be so amazing. But if you are constantly looking toward that next trip or another shiny object in the future, you can’t really live in the moment. I prefer to enjoy what I am doing today, and really live in the present moment.

Everything is fresh in your mind

This is my number one reason why I like to plan things at the last minute.

I tend to read as much as possible about a place before we go, so I know exactly what I want to see and do. If your memory isn’t stellar, it is so easy to forget all of the great things you read while you were planning your trip. If you are planning at the last minute, these things will still be fresh in your mind.

You save money

While this one isn’t a guarantee, and you have to be pretty flexible, there is a good chance that you could save a lot of money by booking last minute travel deals.

Hotels often have last minute deals if they are trying to sell any remaining rooms. And since you are booking so close to your departure date, you can avoid paying extra for the flexible rate that allows cancellations or changes.

And while I have never personally done a package deal, there are often some pretty amazing discounts on last minute vacation packages.

Potential for the Best Price Possible

Although planning in advance delivers the comfort in knowing everything from your airplane seat to the hotel room’s view exactly the way you want it, last-minute travel can mean cashing in on some great deals. It’s not always a guarantee, but if you’re flexible in your flight times and hotel stays, you’ll have a good chance to see savings.

Liberty Travel works along with our partners to secure last-minute vacation offers. And when you book through our services, you won’t have to spend hours researching resorts with availability or hunting down the best possible airfare. Our expert consultants will handle everything, so you can just relish in the excitement and exhilaration of escaping on a last-minute vacation.

Last-Minute Car Rental FAQs

Can I rent a car last minute?

Yes, Kenya car rental offers last-minute car rentals and travel deals, depending on availability. You can call our customer service representatives at the location you plan to rent a car, or show up during business hours and see what’s available.

Can you get a rental car same day?

Yes, you can get a rental car the same day as making a reservation. However, there may not be any rental cars available, or the vehicle selection may be limited. Fill out the form above to see the current rates and availability for same-day car rentals and for the best last-minute travel deals.

Tip: To get a last-minute car rental the same day as making a reservation, you do need to set your pickup time at least one hour ahead of the current time.

Is it cheaper to rent a car last minute? 

Sometimes it can be cheaper to reserve a last-minute car rental, but you are always taking the chance that there won’t be any rentals available. Rental prices also fluctuate and can be influenced by the day of the week, holidays, and availability. If getting the best deal is your goal, you don’t need to wait until the last minute. When you book ahead and choose “Pay Now” you get a discount on your rental rate.

What is the best day to book a car rental? 

When it comes to freedom and low rental rates, any day is the best day to book a car rental with Kenya car rental. Plan a last-minute trip or grab a rental after an unexpected car malfunction. Rates vary from day to day, and Kenya car rental team members are always ready to help you find travel deals today.


Enjoy our last-minute specials and upgrade anytime. Almost every trip we take is booked at the very last minute. I usually have a rough idea of where I want to go and when. Especially if it is a weekend trip, those are usually planned a day or two before we leave, it helps tourists to book a car at the last moment.


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