How to Rent a Car for Self Drive in Kenya


Traveling privately is nowadays the safest and most comfortable way to explore Kenya, regardless of whether you love self-drive or require hiring a car with a driver to get around there is no rejecting that renting a vehicle is the best time and money-saving alternative.

Kenya is among the best safari destinations on the African continent blessed with an abundance of attractions that have made it an exceptionally famous tourist center visited by a huge number of tourists from different parts of the world every year.

Moving around Nairobi or any other destination in the country can be very hectic particularly in case it’s your first time and that is the place where Car Rental Companies come in, There are several car rental agencies all around the country each offering different vehicles at different costs ready to help you by offering you self-drive trips. Kenya car rental offers GPS at an extra cost.

In the event that you planning to explore Kenya for safari, vacation, business, or leisure and you need to hire a vehicle to move around.

Below are the steps to follow to rent a vehicle in Kenya conveniently with less stress

Check Online

Since everything was put online, now it’s easy to hire a vehicle in Kenya for any purpose. You just need to go and search on the internet and search for keywords like  Kenya car rental or even you can try to specify the type of car you want like ‘hire a Toyota Rav4 in Kenya’, or Land Cruiser Prado for hire in Kenya.

Then you will have to choose from the variety of rental companies that will come and you compare the prices before you book the car. For best services, it’s recommended to at least look for reputable rental agencies with good reviews from past clients.

A comprehensive selection of vehicles

First things first – a good car rental company should certainly offer a comprehensive selection of vehicles. You’ll want to know that your chosen providers are able to meet your car hire requirements, whether you’re driving one other passenger or ten. If the company in question doesn’t offer a variety of vehicles, it may be a sign that they aren’t as well-established as others in the local area. As a bare minimum, your car rental company should offer a selection of cars, vans and people carriers, but from those with years of expertise, you may expect a range of trucks and tippers too.

Before committing to a company, double check their website and give them a call to discuss what cars they offer. Whether you have a particular manufacturer you like or you’re just not sure which style would be best for your requirements, it’s always good to discuss this with the company in question.


After finding the car rental agency you can use, the next step is to send them an inquiry by filling the contact us form or send a direct email and you should include the specifications of the car you want to hire and the number of days you want to be with the car. But it’s recommended to contact several companies for the best deal because different companies have different rates.


Once you send your inquiry, in something like 30minutes or 2hours you will get a reply about the different types of cars they have and their prices, then you can choose the one that fits your needs and then you try to negotiate on the prices. You should put in mind that if you booking for many days there are high chances that you will get a good discount on car rental.


After agreeing on the price you will pay per day, they will send an invoice containing the bank account and you will have to deposit 10% of the total amount of money you have to pay for the whole rental period. The remaining balance will be paid upon the arrival when you picking the car or when they deliver the car to your hotel or place of residence.

Confirm the Booking

After paying the deposit through bank wire transfer or Pesapal, the company will send a signed and stamped receipt showing the money you paid, the balance you remaining with, the number of days, and when you have to pick your car.

After all this, you will just have to wait and fly to the country where you will meet the driver from the rental company at the airport or hotel who will brief you about how the car works, and then you will be set to drive off.

Vehicles in good condition

When hiring a car from a rental company you should also expect the vehicle you hire to be in great condition. While you may not be able to check this before making the booking (although reading previous customer reviews and testimonials is a good place to start), you should certainly spend time checking when you collect the vehicle. If the vehicle you’ve hired isn’t in great condition, it speaks volumes about the professionalism and diligence of the company. And, if something were to happen on the road, you’d want total peace of mind that the company you’ve rented from will be willing to help.


Whenever you think of going for a self-drive trip in a foreign country, the first question you should ask yourself is where and how you going to get a car to use. This is a very vital question and most travelers keep asking this same question as they plan for a self-drive trip.

The best way to contact a dependable car rental agency in Kenya is by checking online on the agency website check the vehicles available and then choose what is better for you, then contact Kenya car rental through the website by clicking on contact us.


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