Traveling to Uganda – The Pearl of Africa

Uganda Wildlife

The world geographers that have travelled all over the world also doubtlessly say that Uganda occupies a very special place in their rankings because of its marvelous experiences that it provides. There is something magical about the pearl of Africa, a fantastic vibe created by a mix of elements that are combined together having the power to mentally, physically and emotionally attract travelers from all around the world. Having stepped out of the shadows of a deep dark past under Idi Amin, Uganda is no longer a country to be feared and widely regarded as one of Africa’s safest destinations. If you have not been to Uganda, its time you bought that ticket, with total guarantee it will be the most important decision you have ever made. Along the equator in the frontier of Africa, lies this Uganda whose beauty never stops blossoming because of its sparkling vegetation, dotted with gorgeous animals to spice up that spectacular safari in Uganda.

As it is well known that the sun rises from the east, also Uganda’s beauty starts in the east with its breathtaking sight; the Nile River flowing from Lake Victoria – Africa’s largest fresh water lake. River Nile is undoubtedly recognized as a longest river in the world, with its source in Uganda. With other numerous lakes, rivers, waterfalls and scenic wonders. The effervescent beaches for relaxation, you can hide away at one of the beautiful islands or even camp at any of the water falls. Come enjoy white water rafting and bungee jumping at the Nile. At the Nile, adventure in Uganda is at its prefix.

The social life in Uganda is one that cannot be put into words except through experience, including the amazing events all year round. Deep down in the east, the Imbalu cultural experience is exclusively awesome, and the world’s best Nyege-Nyege music & cultural festival in Jinja. Every day is a party day in the busy city of Kampala and people go to sleep in the wee hours of the morning, a vivid indication of peace and safety in this country. The national theatre has weeklong programs for all groups of cultural entertainment and traditional dances and the Theatre La Bonita home of the Ebonies, the nation’s oldest drama and musical group.

The Bwindi Impenetrable National park is one of notable destinations for gorilla trekking in Uganda and nothing quite compares to the glimpse of a silverback amidst the dense foggy forest giving you an experience that is worth a fairy tale. Talking about the silverback, this is the overall leader and family head of an independent mountain gorilla troop. Being endangered species, Uganda’s Bwindi national park is one of the few parks in the world with these kinds of species, so never hesitate about coming to Uganda and dig into this once in a lifetime experience. In addition to that, Uganda has several national parks like the Murchison falls national park where you can have a morning boat cruise on the Nile. And also walk through the footsteps of the Royal queen of England who visited Queen Elizabeth national park which has a trademark of the elusive tree climbing lions. With availability of over ten national parks, and numerous game reserves, Uganda emerges as the capital of African nature safaris because of her unique nature and abundant diversity.

Music is the soul’s medicine and Uganda has got amazing indigenous music just like any other African country. It has music of diverse sounds, the “Kadongo kamu” which comprises of storytelling and local instruments. Not leaving out the modern music that is now more trending. From the Ganda boys, Philly Bongole Lutaya (RIP) to the most recent one Eddy Kenzo’s “Sitya loss” song that won the BET awards.

All these combined and a hundred more, create a sound so unique and definitive of the pearl of Africa.

Uganda is a place for everyone, from all over the world; you will never find people as hospitable and warm as Ugandans. They are generous, friendly and kind, always willing to help even without a call for help. You don’t have to worry about where to stay while in Uganda, accommodation in Uganda ranges from luxury / up market lodges, midrange lodges, guest houses and hostels, country resorts, Inns and apartments.

The fact that Uganda is positioned in the equatorial region, it has clear and perfect weather and it is always conducive to undertake a holiday in Uganda all year round. You wake up in the sight of the beautiful sunrise and lay to rest with the magical nightlife.

Uganda is truly the “pearl of Africa” gifted by nature

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