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Tips For First Time Road Trippers To Uganda

rooftop camping

Uganda –the Pearl of Africa is one of the unusual destinations that guarantee holidaymakers an epic road trip. Uganda is an ideal destination for self-drive tours and even if it is your first time here, it is possible to navigate to any part of the country. Self drive Uganda tours offer freedom for you to explore and experience the country’s wonders to the fullest. To allow you enjoy a remarkable road trip, first, consider checking out our amazing tips below;

Start with basics

Before embarking on your epic road trip in Uganda, first things first. Cross-check if the tires are well pumped to the recommended pressure and find out if there are spare tyres or one. The water levels shouldn’t be left out and so is the oil level. The car lights must all be functional and you can do this assessment days before the actual visit to your self-drive safari destination. This gives room to the company to fix certain things where needed.

Know the route

You can have an epic self drive road trip if you are familiar with the routes to your destination. Do adequate research about the destinations you wish to travel to in Uganda and where you aren’t familiar with the routes, ensure that you make the best use of Google Maps, or inquire from locals they are friendly and willing to help all the time. You may also have a printed map and directions which can save you where the network may not work for you to have access to Google Maps, especially the remotest parts of Uganda.

Avoid driving at night

Driving at night comes with several risks. At all costs, ensure that you avoid night driving regardless of the destination. Not only can this save you from getting lost but it also protects you from any potential of falling in the hands of robbers. When attacked in the night, no one can be of help to you like it is daytime. Ugandan roads do not have lights so it is always so dark that you can bearly see in some parts of the country. So for matters of your life and safety, most of the car rental Uganda company’s cars stop operation at 7pm unless otherwise. This benefits either way, as there is safety for the car and the clients. The other reason as to why car rental companies do not allow you to drive at night is that, it is so difficult to get help in case of an accident or if the car breaks down and you need mechanical help.


Most safari destinations in Uganda are found far away from the heart of Kampala the capital. This is especially for visitors intending to go gorilla trekking or wildlife safaris in the parks. Know how many kilometers you will drive from the city centre to your destination and also the ideal ride to get you there.

Take note that Uganda’s landscape does vary depending on the region. In far Southwestern Uganda where premier gorilla parks –Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga are found, the region is hilly and the best way to get around there is using a 4×4 safari vehicle and is also for game reserves.

Do not drive when you are tired

Embarking on the road trip when you are tired can be risky. Once you feel you are tired, consider parking somewhere to have some rest.

Avoid all kinds of distractors

When driving, the focus should be getting to the destination first. Anything that can distract your attention must be left out for instance phone calls, drinking while driving, and more. Roads in Uganda are narrow and they are used by Pedestrians, cyclists, cars, and animals, so you have to be focused and your eyes always on the road.

Know when to travel

Uganda enjoys the best weather and climatic conditions thanks to its tropical like climatic conditions. Once you think of a self-drive tour, the dry season must be considered on your travel calendar for you to have a successful road trip. Avoid traveling during the wet season when heavy rains are recorded in most parts of the country and the routes turn muddy or slippery.

Border crossing

Do not consider crossing the borders using a rental car if you haven’t inquired from your Uganda car hire company. Border crossings come with some charges and paperwork, a reason you must communicate early to your company that you plan to deal with.

Emergency number

Before you hit the road to any part of Uganda, first, consider having the contact of the car hire company reservationist and also other emergency contacts. It is such contacts that you can reach out to in case of emergency issues.

Observe road traffic regulations

Uganda like any country has its regulations to be followed while driving on its roads. The key road traffic rules include driving within the set speed limits, not driving when drinking or when drunk, not using the phone when driving, and others.

Respect the park regulations

When navigating through Uganda’s wildlife parks, consider observing the stipulated regulations a must-do. Respect wildlife, drive at the stated speed, if not familiar with driving through the park, consider having driver guide on the ground, and more.

Guide to Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

Rwanda is among the three countries in the world that host the rare mountain gorillas. This tiny country located in Central Africa hosts a third of the total population of the mountain gorillas in the world. Over the past ten years, many travelers have visited Rwanda mainly to see the endangered mountain gorillas. Today Rwanda is considered the best place to enjoy  gorilla safari expeditions while adventuring through Africa. Rwanda’s gorillas are found in the Volcanoes National Park located in the northwestern part of Rwanda. The park is located in Ruhengeri (now called Musanze District). A drive from Kigali, the capital of Rwanda to the park is just about 2-3 hours drive.

Gorilla tracking is regarded one of the most adventurous thing to do while on on a Rwanda safari. Over 80% of travelers go to Rwanda mainly to track the mountain gorillas. Many travelers leave their beautiful offices and residence to come and spend at least one or two days in the wild with gorillas observing their behaviors as well as taking photos ( a slash camera is prohibited). However it’s very herd to talk of gorillas in Rwanda with out mentioning the works of Diane Fossey who was a prominent primatologist who spent over 18 years in the wild caring out research on the behaviors of gorillas and she was against gorilla poaching, although her work was put to an end when she was killed by poachers whom she had made her self very unpopular, her body was laid to rest in the forest, many gorilla trackers can’t leave the forest with out visiting her grave yard.

Like human beings, gorillas also suffer from cold and many others. You are advised not to go for a gorilla trek if you have contagious disease that can be transmitted to gorillas, this may affect the life of gorillas and hence resulting into their reduction in their number. In case it happens and you develop a cough or flue before heading to the forest kindly please, talk to the ranger guide or park wardens at the headquarters, you will be refunded your money for the gorilla permit, but failure to do so, you may end up losing both, the money and the chance to see the gorillas in the wild. Other transmitted diseases such as Influenza, diarrhea, cough as well as cold can stop you from tracking gorillas. You are recommended to check with your doctor to prove your health status before scheduling your Rwanda safari.

Gorilla Tracking Facts

Mountain gorillas are tracked in groups and there about 10 gorilla groups in Rwanda these include Agasha gorilla group is made up of 25 members, Amahoro group consists of 17 individual members, Bwenge comprises of 10 members, Hirwa has 12 members, Kwitonda consists of 18 members, Ntambara has 12 members, Sabyinyo comprises of 12 individuals, Susa group, Ugyenda has 11 members, Umubano consists of 11 members and Amahoro group.

Only 8 members are allowed to track in each group with arranger guide who is readily available to take you through the forest, these are provided on the money you paid for the gorilla tracking. They are always armed to protect you against any problem you may enter during the hike and also to give you relevant information on all forest flora and fauna you meet on your way.

Since the hike is so demanding, porters are sometimes needed; these are requested at a fee. Their duty is to carry you when you get tired or help you carry your small bag, battle water and sometimes packed lunch. Tracking gorillas begins at the park headquarters at 8:00am where you receive a short briefing about the dos and don’ts while with gorillas in the forest and also get assigned to the group booked for.

After you will be lead by a ranger guide to the forest to begin the activity possibly one of the most exciting activities at the park. tracking time is some times unpredictable as getting to gorillas may go to up to half or full day in the jungle as reaching them depends on where they spent their last night from, so a reasonable degree of fitness is needed plus tracking gears such as strong shoes/boots, long sleeved shirts or blouses, cameras (lash cameras are not recommended) bottled water and some times packed lunch (depending on the lodge). Passing through the jungle is some times challenging as you may hike through muddy, stinging plants among other many challenging stuff. But ounce you meet gorillas you may forget all the troubles you’ve gone through and begin enjoying gorillas while doing their daily activities such as playing, making nest, feeding among other as well as taking photos.

Tipping is always at traveler’s interests and it is given according to travelers’ pleasure. In case you are well pleased, you can tip more and if not, you can tip less. Below is the guideline to follow when tipping.

You may get scared when you look at the thick volcano forest a home of mountain gorillas, you may question your self how you are going to hike through it in search of these rare giants. This is very simple tracking is guided with well experienced ranger guides who are not only guides but also passionate about gorillas, since most of the time are in the forest, they know where gorillas can be located, they can recognize where the gorillas were the previous day and they know all the paths in the forest which can link you to the gorillas without the hassle of walking through the entire forest searching for them. Ranger guides are the people that habituate gorillas so they know their sign languages such as compacted bamboo, stalks, dung, footprints and isolated nests from the previous evening so all these make them locate gorillas with a lot of easy. Due to their experience, rangers can easily sense how long the nest has been built as well as which group was that. However, during the rain season (heavy rain) it may become very difficult for them to distinguish the signs but still you are well assured of seeing the gorillas.

Gorillas are easy to see in the dense forest, this is so because gorillas tend to be safe and that no one can encroach on them and also it is very easy to find a lot of food plant. This is the reason as to why some times it becomes tiresome for human to locate them and if they re- locate to other places it may even take you the whole day in the jungle searching them. During the search you go through mud, elevated vines, stinging nettles and many others on your way to and back, along the way you stop to drink water in order to get more energy for tracking. If you feel tired, your porter will give you a hand and the group will continue with the trek. however if you get to the gorillas you will forget all the troubles you’ve gone through and utilize the one hour you are allowed to stay with the gorillas. Enjoy watching them as well as taking photos.

Amazing too, the ranger guide will make a groaning sound that will make them aware that friends are coming this indicates that these species are more intelligent than any other animal species. It has all the five senses like human and it’s regarded the second close relative of man the first is the chimpanzee sharing almost 97% of human DNA, a dominant male (sliver buck) take charge of all group members and he determines all the activities in the group. When you meet these you are advised to bend so that the sliver buck can see you all the times, as this help the family to feel not threatened. Maintain also a calm look and try not look into the eyes of the gorillas. Children below the age of 15 years are not allowed to track gorillas. Book with us a gorilla safari we are ready take you through the wild. Kindly waiting for you.

Journeying Uganda with a Rooftop Tent Car

Rooftop Tent Hire

Renting a car or hiring a car in Uganda with rooftop tent has become common. Visitors decide to sleep on top of their rented cars to feel a little different from the normal way of sleeping in lodges or hotels.  There are many reasons why many visitors chose such option, beside reducing on the costs of accommodation, it is unique way of exploring Uganda. Moreover, it increases on the bonding with the traveling partner as they all engage in mounting the tent and also cooking all together.

Types of Rooftop Tents in Uganda

There are many types of rooftop tent in Uganda and with different capacities;

Double rooftop tent. This tent can accommodate two people. The mattress is big enough for two people. This is commonly chosen by couple, friends, and many others. Cars which can accommodate double rooftop tent include 4×4 Land cruiser v8, 4×4 land cruiser Prado, 4×4 land cruiser GX, 4×4 land cruiser LX and many others.

Family rooftop tents. These are quite bigger compared to other tents; they can accommodate 3 people or more. It can fit family visitors, friends, and many more.

Cars with 2 roof top tents. These are 2 rooftop tents on top of one car. It can accommodate 4 people or more depending. Cars which can fit 2 roof top tents include, 4×4 land cruiser v8, 4×4 land cruiser GX, 4×4 land cruiser LX and many more.

What is included in the camping equipment

Renting a car with rooftop tent mostly comes with other camping equipment. Some of them are here below.

– Mattresses. The mattresses are big to accommodate the number of people in the group.

– Chairs. The chairs given depend on the number of visitors. They help visitors to sit while cooking, taking relaxing drinks, sun downers and many more.

– Table. These also depend on the number of people, if the people are many, more than 1 table will be offered.

– Gas cylinder. This comes with gas and banner to allow visitors to prepare food and other eats.

– Cooking utensils. This comes with a bucket, source pans, plates, cups, Spoons, forks, knives, frying pans, dishes, and many more.

– Barbeque roaster. This helps visitors to roast something like bread etc.

– Cooler box/ fridge. Electric ones are offered at extra fee well as the non-electric ones comes at no extra cost.

Destinations which can be visited with rooftop tent in Uganda

Almost most of the destinations in Uganda can be visited with rooftop tent car. There are designated camping sites and lodges with camping grounds where visitors can park the car with rooftop tent to sleep.

In western Uganda, destinations like Bwindi, kibale, queen Elizabeth, lake Mburo, semliki national parks, lake Bunyonyi and many more can be visited with rooftop tent car.

In Northern Uganda, destinations like Murchison falls, kidepo valley, Moroto, pain upe and others can be visited with rooftop tent car.

In Western Uganda, Mt Elgon, Sipi falls, jinja, and many others, it is possible to visit such places with rooftop tent car.

Camping ground have facilities like shared toilets and bathrooms, where to cook from, security, water and etc. Visitors are advised not to camp in the bush, in the national parks or protected areas, safer places are recommended for camping safaris.

Best time to rent a rooftop tent car

The best time to rent a rooftop tent car in dry season. Those are months of June, July, August, September, October, December, January, And February. This is the period when rain is little and the grass in the national parks are short allowing good view of wildlife. Moreover, animals tend to flock to places with water in the protected areas  which increases more chance to spot more animals.

Also in other months, it is possible to rent a car with rooftop tents. Destinations are visited all year round but you will have to prepare enough warm clothes due to unpredicted weather conditions.

Example Lodges with camping ground in some destinations in Uganda

Gorilla Mist camp, Kibale Forest camp, Murchsion River lodge, Ruboni Community camp, Bunyonyi Over land, Rushaga gorilla camp Fort Murchison, Bush lodge, and many more.

Best 10 Underrated Places to Visit in 2024

Seychelles Travel Guide

There are lots of impressive tourist spots around the world. Here are some of the best places to visit from different continents;

There are some nations, such as The the air jordan, where the differences of scenery will keep you with the mouth area open. Oct is perfect for journeying in this place, with temperature ranges in the north gets to 20 levels Celsius, even a little more, in the Red Sea and near the Wadi Rum wasteland. The most popular locations to check out on a mini-vacation for a few days or even a bigger one are Roman remains at Jerash, Madaba Variety houses or try a swimming in the Dead Sea.

Seychelles, an isle state, is one of the last refuges of the World overcome by people. A population in Oceania and South eastern Arabic and Arabs were the first who frequented the isles in East African-american but without developing hives in this globe. In Aldabra you will find the biggest population of Aldabra tortoises (Dipsochelys dussumieri) with over 150,000 crazy duplicates. Mahe is the biggest isle in the Seychelles isles. Also, here is the city of Victoria, investment of Seychelles, with a population of 25,000 out of 84,000 population of this nation.

The second biggest city in Italy, Marseille is situated in old and popular Provence. Marseille is in 2013 the Western Capital of Lifestyle, so here are structured many celebrations, songs activities and cinema artistry. Not to be skipped Calanques Nationwide Recreation place, situated at the advantage of city, where you will see lagoons, coves, seashores, and whales, turtles and unusual crazy birds.
The best times to check out are June-August Marseilles for the seashores, from Apr to May and Sept to Oct, when temperature ranges are more enjoyable and fewer visitors.

Singapore Botanical Garden
In South eastern Japan, Singapore is the discordant see.
It is a stylish, innovative and lavish place. Natural Lawn makes no exemption, being regarded one of the best on the globe. It was develop in 1859 on a place of 52 hectares and is separated into three segments.

Port of Thessaloniki will absolutely pleasure you, with historical Byzantine and Ottoman artifacts. Thessaloniki is a city that brings together art and culture to-night life, so more and more teenagers choose to spend their holiday here. July-August is the most popular period, while This summer and Sept can be a great choice for less noisy holidays. Thessaloniki Worldwide Movie Event is organised here every Nov.

Malawi’s Lake of Stars
At the boundary with Tanzania, Mozambique and Zambia is Malawi, which is also known as “lake of stars”. The area is known for it’s a fantasy ponds, dirty streets, maize areas, baobab plants and all natural women that Nyika Nationwide Recreation place can cover up.

Guide to the Best Vacation Spots on the Planet

Best Vacation Experience

Each person who likes to go on holidays to different places in this world will have its own list of best vacation spots. This is because each one of us has different tastes and preferences – some like beaches, a few like historical spots, and many like islands. So, it is not necessary that a choice of one person has to be the choice of other. However, this article dedicated to the best vacation spots is such that a majority of the stated sites is liked by several of us. It involves those spots in the world that are most visited and most dreamed of! The following best vacation spots are stated keeping in mind the balance amidst history, culture, nature, entertainment, and other such aspects of a holiday tour.

One of the most favorite and any time choices of the family, teens, and kids is Walt Disney World in Orlando. This is the top place of amusement and thrill for the people of all ages. Featuring exciting water parks, theme parks, classical characters, luxurious resorts, and captivating entertainment; the Disney holidays are like taking a tour of the fairyland.

I don’t think that anyone would forget the only American state composed of islands when speaking about the best vacation spots on Earth. Yes, you guessed it right! It’s Hawaii whose territory is continuously changing due to the stunningly erupting volcanoes. The best attractions here are excellent beaches, all round suitable climate, and warm hospitality. One can say that this spot is the hub of the natural attractions on our blue-green planet.

How can one leave out the Caribbean and the Polynesian islands? Aruba in Caribbean and Bora Bora in French Polynesia are the top picks of the tourists now a days. Shimmering beaches, pleasant climate, pristine water, hot desert, and rising cliffs make Aruba the top draw in the Caribbean along with windsurfing or snorkeling. Did you know that the beaches are only three feet deep here? So, good one for all who fear from deep waters! On the other hand, Bora Bora is famous for its crystal lagoons and over water bungalows making it fit for a great holiday.

Alaska, one of the top 10 American holiday spots, is certainly famous because of its glacier tours, wildlife excursions, and water and snow sports. Spot polar bears, moose, blue and humpbacked whales, gray wolves or explore its lakes and rivers for white water rafting, kayaking, and jet boat rides. Cruising is also most appreciated here, which are available at Glacier Bay, Kenai Fjords, and Prince William Sound offering a cozy and serene ambiance to relax while soaking in the beauty of nature.

Paris is just something not to be missed. This is the home of over 40 million tourists that come here annually for its awesome ethnic culture and structural marvels. When you come here, do explore the Eiffel Tower, Napoleonic Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre museum, and Notre Dame de Paris along with its grand cathedrals.

When the turn is of Australia, the rank surely goes to the Great Barrier Reef followed by the Gold Coast in Queensland. All those who are crazy behind diving and snorkeling, there cannot be any better options than these two in the nation. A few of the ideal marine beings awaits you here. Australia is also famous for its monumental structures such as the Sydney opera house and the largest steel arch bridge named as the Sydney harbor bridge.

New Zealand’s South Island is among the most beautiful places on our Earth. Especially, the Milford Sound, Queen Charlotte Sound, and Marlborough Sound are worth a trip for a true memorable vacation. In fact, Milford Sound is dubbed as the top travel spot on the planet, which is a creek besides the Fiordland town. Drawing a myriad of tourists every year, this impressive alpine valley’s charm lies in its vertical sheer cliffs that seem to grow from the ocean, its fantastic underwater world, and the adventurous trails.

Mexico is just incredible with its pre-Columbian historical sites such as Machu Picchu, Uxmal, Tulum, and Teotihuacan; the great islands of Cancun and Cozumel, the most loved city of Playa del Carmen, and of course the Belize’s Blue Hole of diving. This is the city with maximum worldwide famous attractions!

South African Safari is the leading wild life reserve mainly due to which the wild Africa is on the tourist circuit. For those who want to spend a vacation spotting the wild animals and birds in their natural habitat, there is no other best spot than this. So, expect an exciting to its many national parks such as Serengeti and Kruger for spotting the big five – buffalo, rhino, leopard, lion, and elephant.

Cambodia in Southeast Asia is among the awakening vacations that will introduce to you the kingdom of gods. Explore here Angkor Wat, Bayon Temple, Angkor Thom, Wat Phnom; which are all the famous Buddhist shrines. Okay, now think of heading to Sihanoukville where there many beaches, an island, a national park, and monuments.

Travel Off the Beaten Path for a Great American Adventure

Great America Adventure

There are many American vacation destinations that are often overlooked – cities that offer wonderful sights and sounds, and even better value.

When it comes to travel, most people opt for the vacation standards: a cruise, a Disney vacation, or booking a hotel in New York or another major city. Yet there are many American vacation destinations that are often overlooked – cities that offer wonderful sights and sounds, and even better value. When you book travel to one of these destinations, you’re sure to be delighted and surprised – and all the more appreciative of what our great country has to offer.

Think about it. When was the last time you visited Cleveland? Unless you’re from the Midwest, chances are you’ve never been there. That’s means that you’ve never experienced the gorgeous architecture of I.M. Pei’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, nor have you seen Jimi Hendrix’s handwritten lyrics to Purple Haze.

While you’re in Cleveland, you can catch a Cleveland Indians baseball game, attend a performance of the Cleveland Orchestra, and visit the Cleveland Museum of Art. If you’re into thrills and chills, you can rent a car and drive about an hour and a half to go to the Rollercoaster Capital of the World; in Sandusky, Ohio.

If you’ve never been to the American Southwest, you’re missing both rich history and fantastic fun. A vacation to Austin, Texas, gives you the best of both worlds: the features of a big city with the atmosphere of a small town. Home to the University of Texas and, of course, the Texas State Capitol building, Austin is known as the "Live Music Capital of the World." If an evening listening to music isn’t your thing, perhaps hanging out with one and a half million bats under the Congress Avenue Bridge will do the trick. During the day, you can visit the Lyndon Baines Johnson Presidential Library or visit one of the city’s 20 museums.

If you love outdoor adventures, Bangor, Maine, should definitely be on your travel itinerary. Home to author Stephen King, Bangor is the perfect place from which to explore the Maine Highlands, Acadia National Park, and quaint fishing villages. With nearby mountains, coastlines, lakes, rivers, and some of the best fall foliage to be found, Bangor is the perfect travel destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

In case you haven’t heard, there’s more to Florida than a Disney vacation. Sarasota, Fla., located on the state’s Gulf Coast, offers spectacular white sand beaches and numerous small islands. It was also the resting spot for the Ringling Brothers, so when you’re not clowning around, you can visit the Ringling Estate, two Circus museums, and an art museum.

One of the best things about vacation destinations that are a bit off the beaten path is that it’s often a bargain to travel there and to stay there. Online travel packages often include both airline and hotel accommodations at steeply discounted rates. The best online travel companies allow you to choose, for example, the hotel room and type as well as flight options. So, the next time you think about packing your bags, consider travel to one of America’s overlooked vacation destinations.

Things to Know Before Reserving a Rental Car in Africa

Car Rental Africa

Before one should consider hiring a car in Uganda or Rwanda from any car agent of company, there are certain things he/she should consider to ensure that he gets the best services. It’s embarrassing to spend your money on services that are below standard and not worth the money. This is why maximum cautiousness is required when selecting where to get a car from. In this case let’s look at Uganda and Rwanda because it’s where car hire is developing rapidly. Below are some of the things one should look at;-

Credibility – This is so important especially when it’s the first time for someone to book with a specific company. I know this is difficult to determine my tourists when just booking online but there are some measures one can use to prove this like checking if the company is listed on the various tourism platforms like the Association of Uganda Tour Operators. Reading through the reviews given by different clients that have used that company on the various tourism portals is important. If a company has excellent genuine reviews then its credibility is perfect and you can go on and book with it.

Experience – Experience companies always offer the best services and therefore one should put that in mind while selecting a company to use. Experience normally comes with the number of years a company has been in a particular business. While selecting a company to book a car from, it’s important to check how many years it has been renting out cars to people. The least number of years one should consider is 8 years. Companies that have just started lack the necessary exposure and experience so they won’t guarantee a tourist the best services for their money.

Office location – some people Ignore this factor but is important. Since tourists book their safaris online and they choose companies to travel with from far away in their countries, there is great chance of dealing with a thief. Some people open up websites with the sake of taking advantage of tourists who want to visit Uganda or Rwanda. Some even pretend to be car hiring companies yet in actual sense they don’t exist and their company is not registered. Its therefore important for someone to determine whether the people he/she is dealing with have a physical office which is well know. This is for security purposes so that if anything happens a client has to know where to go and claim his/her money.

Conditions of the cars – since safety is key while traveling, it’s a good practice to always select those companies that have good vehicles which do not put the lives of clients in danger. Since cars have to be serviced regularly, tourists should ensure that they go with those that take the initiative to service their cars. Old vehicles are not to se while on a safari and therefore only those companies that use new cars are worth traveling with.

There are other factors to consider but those listed above are the most important especially for security and safety reasons. Always book with the best car hire agents for a real adventure.

Top 7 Cities to Visit in Europe


Europe is a continent that is mostly visited for its varied cultures, rich traditions, great history, captivating scenery, modern sophistication, and alluring atmosphere. Some of the European nations are known for their castles as well as palaces, while some cities are just known for its scenic charm and plethora of cultures. So, European vacations are always full of excitement, fun, and learning. A backpacker spending her or his holiday time in any of the European cities will surely have a mystifying garb of cultures as well as charming scenes of nature. Here is the list of top 7 cities that are most visited for enjoying diverse European vacations, which you must also plan of; if you haven’t until now.


Ah! This is the crown that holds many hidden jewels! Yes, Italy has always been a cultural destination besides being a romantic one. Attend the White Night Festival; discover the might of the Roman history via the Coliseum, Pantheon, and the Palatine Hill; get soaked into the art world via the museums as well as art galleries; and be blessed in the Pope’s Vatican City featuring St. Peter’s Basilica and Sistine Chapel adorned with the great artworks of Michelangelo. Be here at least for four days.


How can I miss this city in this list of great European vacations, which is dubbed as the ‘fashion capital’ besides being recognized as among the most terrific cities on Earth? Obviously, the very first attraction that comes to our minds is the Eiffel Tower where not-so-hard ascend offers a spectacular vista of overall Paris. Next, a visit to the Louvre art museum, the largest of its kind on the planet, is a must for all visitors here. It features over 30000 art items and is scenically nestled on the banks of River Seine. Other vivid highlights include Disney Land, Opera Garnier, Arc de Triomphe, and Jardin des Tuileries.


This is among the favorite ancient destinations for the true fan of history. Allow your pictures of history books to flash in front of you in its real charm as you explore this Greek capital. Acropolis of Athens, Tower of the Winds, Arch of Hadrian, Temple of Olympian Zeus, and Prynx are the most loved tourist attractions. A week tour is just what you need to explore this Europe’s longest city.


This Spanish city is very alive with its myriad of shinning treasures of all kinds. This is where the traditional art and culture resides in harmony with the modern art and culture. Start your holiday here with the indulging summer music festivals, especially the ones that feature flamenco, continue with the fun by savoring the mouth-watering Catalan dishes at any of its restaurants as well as cafeterias; and then climb the ridge point of satisfaction and wonder by exploring works of Picasso in the various museums and galleries. And yes, do also include a tour of the famous La Rambla and La Barceloneta.


This German capital is where art, architecture, ancient tradition, and cultures form a perfect atmosphere of vacationing. Besides the fantastic nightlife, Berlin has other magnetic sights and points to keep its guests busy as well as happy. Look for the fashionable malls and shops if you are a shopaholic; Zoologischer Garten that is among the most ancient and internationally acclaimed zoological gardens if you are a fan of botany; and Berlin Wall, Reichstag, and Pergamon Museum if you are a art as well as historic lover.


Literally meaning ‘steamy bay’, this Iceland capital is where you can have a great winter vacation. However, also note that this is among the costliest destinations, but is worth it! The main attractions are the geothermal pools and the Ice Hotel. Other tourist highlights are Mt. Keilir, Hengill, National Museum, Austurstraeti, and Hafnarstraeti. The museum exposes the culture on this ice-filled land, while the latter two are known for souvenirs and handicrafts.


This second largest city of Europe in Scotland is well known for its partying nightlife in trendy restaurants and pubs. I recommend visiting this city via a bus that will comfortably as well as affordably take you around the city. With this way of traveling, you can easily wonder at the major tourist attractions – Royal Botanical Garden, National Gallery of Scotland, Museum of Scotland, and Royal Yacht Britannia.

European vacations feature entertaining venues, native cuisine, shopping malls, historic monuments, and interesting museums.

Gorilla Trekking in Uganda or Rwanda: Where to Go in 2024

Rwanda Gorilla Trekking

Gorilla trekking is one of the best wildlife adventures that one can ever take in Africa. There are a few destinations where travelers can go gorilla trekking! There are only three countries that host the endangered mountain gorillas; Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Despite the existence of just three countries, many travelers face a problem of selecting which country they should visit to enjoy gorilla trekking. Here is a quick comparison between these countries.

There are a multitude of questions that need to be thoroughly stripped before choosing which country to visit and enjoy a gorilla safari in Africa. Under normal circumstances, gorilla trekking go on differing from country to country and experience differs as well. Some of the rampant questions under the spot light here include; which is the best place to do a gorilla trek Uganda or Rwanda? Which is more viable and cheaper: Bwindi National Park or Volcanoes national park? Is tracking Rwanda better than Uganda? So such questions are some of the many that we are going to digest under this article.

Gorilla trekking or tracking whatever you may call it is one of those thrilling moments that one should always vie to do before one dies. The excitement that comes with setting the eyes on a wild mountain gorilla is really enticing. Yet in the same intellect, that magical one hour spent with the gorillas does not come cheaply considering that a permit goes for US$750 in Rwanda and $600 in Uganda – but it is unusual to find someone who regretted the financial outlay due to the fact that the experience is far reaching than the amount paid for the permit.

Only eight persons can visit a given gorilla family per day. In Uganda, thirteen families have been habituated in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Park, and one gorilla family has been habituated in Mgahinga National Park. Therefore Uganda can host 112 persons tracking the mountain gorillas on any day.

Rwanda can also permit 80 persons per day. All else being equal, Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park has a slight edge over the rest because its gorillas are the most wholly habituated, and they are often found in bamboo than the dense forest which makes photographing easier.

The major challenge with tracking gorillas in Rwanda is certainly the price of the gorilla permit at US$1500 compared to Uganda’s US$700 per permit. However, Rwanda’s pride is in the ability for one to do the gorilla trek even in one day and fly back home which is impossible for Uganda. The Volcanoes National Park is located 116 km from Kigali and can be driven in just 2 hours. On the other hand, Bwindi National Park is located 500 km from Kampala/ Entebbe Airport and a drive can take 8 hours plus. In that sense, you will spend at least 3 days for your gorilla trek tour. If a tour operator is making you a tour package, they shall definitely have to consider this cost and include it in your tour cost.

However, the long drive to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is quite enchanting with great scenery all through like the Equator, Lake Mburo National Park (for some Queen Elizabeth National Park with abundant wildlife), terraced mountains with flowing rivers, and a lot of rural Africa. This is not so really the case for the drive from Kigali to Volcanoes National Park.

Therefore you will certainly need to spend more on transport and time to track the mountain gorillas in Uganda than it is for Rwanda although this cost is compensated for by a cheaper gorilla permit.

Besides, some sections of the roads to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park are not so comfortable to drive on yet in the case of Rwanda; you drive on smooth tarmac at least up to the Volcanoes National Park head office. Not to mention though, the roads leading from Volcanoes park office to the gorilla trek trail-heads can only be accessed with a raised 4×4 vehicle.

Comparison of the Addons to the Gorilla Trekking Experience

On a gorilla safari in Rwanda, tourists enjoy a traditional dance performance by the SACOLA before taking a gorilla trek in the Volcanoes national park. In general, the experience can only be different due to the way a particular gorilla family behaves in front of the trackers, how long and tough one has to track before reaching the gorillas and the way the park staff conduct the exercise. Personally, I found the Rwanda gorilla tracking package more charming than the Ugandan one on the tracking day. Should we say that this’ because of the gorilla permit price difference? Anyways, on your gorilla tracking day in Rwanda, you will definitely get more than that. At about 7:00 AM, tea/ coffee dispensers with cups are laid for visitors going for the trek. You are free to take as much as you wish. As visitors are enjoying the tea/ coffee, they are entertained by the lively traditional dance troupe (SACOLA Traditional Dancers) who bring on a wholesome Rwanda traditional cultural experience that all visitors enjoy.

However, you can get this in Uganda in evenings (at a fee) from the various traditional cultural groups that are near the park. In addition the drive from Kampala to Bwindi is a very fabulous one traversing at least another national park (either Kibale National Park or Queen Elizabeth National Park famous for tree climbing lions and many other big mammals, or Lake Mburo National Park) and not to miss- the Equator. In a way, even before you arrive Bwindi you have had a bit of the ‘Pearl of Africa’ as is fondly known. To many, driving along paved eucalyptus avenues to the gorillas in not the best deal. Indeed many to purchase tour packages combining both Rwanda and Uganda, first doing Gorillas in Rwanda and then crossing to Uganda to visit Queen Elizabeth National Park for the BIG 5 safaris and chimpanzee tracking among other tours.

Let’s compare the Tour Costs in General

Because of the long drive one endures from Kampala to Bwindi, the general cost is increased (even when you travel by public buses). It even increases more because you have to travel 2 days (to and from Bwindi). However, the increased cost is countered by the low cost gorilla permit of US$700. A low budget 3 days gorilla trek tour in Uganda goes for about $1350 (with gorilla permit, accommodation, and transport). The two days Rwanda gorilla trek costs about $2020 ( with gorilla permit, accommodation, and transport) and a three days Rwanda gorilla tracking tour costs is about $1280 (with gorilla permit, accommodation, and transport) . Costs samples got from Gorilla expeditions website effective Jan 2014.

Lastly, if you are not travelling just to see the mountain gorilla, and you want to include other activities in your visit, Rwanda may not be the best choice. Many tourists have continually had to cross to Uganda after their Rwanda gorilla trek to tour other reserves like Queen Elizabeth National Parks so endowed with abundant wildlife one cannot see in Rwanda. This is why probably folks continue enduring the long drives to Bwindi yet there is an easy way out.

At the end of the day – the ultimate jury are those who are looking as to which country to visit in order to track Gorillas – it is not Rwanda, not Uganda, not the Democratic Republic of Congo but where their pockets and hearts choose. If you precisely want the mountain gorillas and nothing else, go for a one-day gorilla trek especially in Rwanda but if you are a one who wants it and all of it, go for the long drive in Uganda – you won’t regret.

Planning a Holiday in a Foreign Country

Travel Planner

For many people traveling to a foreign place can be an intriguing and exotic experience. Having the opportunity to learn about other cultures within their setting can be remarkably enjoyable and informative. Unfortunately for many individuals the prospect of traveling never presents itself, whether it is because of a hectic career or a budget that is simply too tight to allow for holiday spending. However, if one can afford to take a safari to an exotic place, there is truly.

1. Choosing the Destination to Travel To

Choosing a vacation destination that is ideal for you can be a difficult task since the safaris are costly; you need to make a lot of consultations to get worth your money. If you’ve never traveled abroad in your lifetime then it is likely that there are countless places you’d like to visit and as such choosing just one can be rather tough. You also need to do a research on the safety and security situation of the place you intend to travel to. It is advisable to check information with a trusted local given that many travel advisories online have outdated information.

2. Make an Informed Destination

Making the decision can become quite complicated if you have a number of friends or family members going with you and you simply cannot agree on a place – this is because you can be with people of different ideas and interest coming together and some times may fail to reach an agreement. For example, some members may wish to take a gorilla safari in Uganda while others consider visiting Rwanda’s and the different ideologies may end up making the group split. However keeping in mind what you wish to discover or partake on your vacation can make the decision a little less problematic.

3. Things to Do

There are lots of things to do during your holiday. To elaborate if you wish to bask in the hot sun all day and work on a tan or go swimming or snorkeling in warm, blue waters then it is likely that you will travel to somewhere in the Caribbean. Knowing exactly what you wish to see accomplish on you vacation can rule out a significant number of places.

4. Observe Culture

If you are more partial to the cultural aspects of a place, you really enjoy historical artifacts and you really cannot stand overbearing heat, then you may want to consider some place in Europe. This is not to say that you cannot observe rich history within other places in the world, it is just that many cities in Europe are quite popular for their presentation of history within the landscape and their history oriented tours.

The benefits of travelling to a foreign land include the following:

  • The travelers to foreign land enjoy unique culture of different people unknown before. Travelers can experience cultures in terms if music, dance and drama, cultural demonstration among others.
  • Tourists can enjoy the unique topography of different location – relief features like cliffs, plateau, valleys, mountains or hills among others. The Virunga Mountain ranges in Rwanda, Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) makes the region superb for the holiday.
  • Holiday makers make friendship with local residents – creation of the relationship with the local residents forces them to reveal all the hidden information to he tourists making the safari educational.
  • Holiday makers are exposed to new location unknown before – the idea makes them explorers or discoverers. If you take a tour East African countries like Kenya and Tanzanis, you will be exposed to unfamiliar wildlife, Uganda and Rwanda, you will encounter Mountain Gorillas & chimpanzees and so on.
  • Travelling in a foreign land enable tourists experience unique climate like sweet sunshine in most of African countries like Uganda, Egypt, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zambia, South Africa, Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo among others. Whites from European countries mostly visit African when winter storm their nations.
  • Travelling to foreign countries expose you to unfamiliar features suitable for photographing – take photos back home to justify stories to tell.

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